The 1.08 update of Madden NFL 18 is here and has brought a lot of improvements to the gameplay of the soccer simulator. Join us to see what was added. Specifically, these were the patch updates 1.08:

Madden NFL 18 version 1.08 added additional performance penalties when using defensive players in attack.

Adjusted so that defenders with the disciplined penalty feature do not jump out when the Pass Rush Trainer Adjustment is set to Balanced.

Madden NFL 18 1.07 addressed a problem around the mask penalties that were triggered when the Adjustment of the Strip Ball Trainer was set to Conservative.

Franchise Updates

Problem of delay of the Play Call screen addressed

Added a logic for franchise leagues to activate injuries through adjustments when using the competitive game style.

Version 1.08 of Madden NFL 18 addressed the problem by making players’ abilities appear blocked after spending XP to unlock them when searching for the Draft.

Fixed the problem that caused players statistics and ratings to change occasionally when scrolling down the menu during a Fantasy Draft.

Online stability improvements

Implemented new technology that will help mitigate some of the disconnection problems. If you or your opponent are experiencing a network problem, you will see messages in the user interface that inform you of the problem and try to reconnect it.

Audio changes in Madden NFL 18 1.08

Audio changes on the fly is a function that allows users to change any audible training from the Play Call screen at any point of the game.

This feature with Madden NFL 18 update 1.08 will bring a level of strategy to Madden that looks the best players and coaches in the NFL by allowing users to change their scheme or game plan midway through the game to make adjustments “on the march “to counteract your opponent’s scheme.

This feature also introduces custom audio changes in modes such as Madden Ultimate Team for the first time. To access the audible function on the fly, you must select plays by training on the Play Call screen.

Once you have selected a training and it is in the Play Call screen, simply press LT / L to bring up the Replace sound menu. The audible replace menu displays the list of audio changes that are currently configured for the selected training.

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